Thursday, August 31, 2017

Israel sitting on Vast Oil Reserves

It is known that the Iraqi oil fields continue towards the Israeli Golan in a long "oil belt" (extrapolate those red blots on the map left). The Saudi Plate is tilted towards the Gulf, where the oil is found almost in the surface, but deep and costly to extract in its Golan extreme.  We have this Afeq company, a subsidiary of Genie Oil, that had bored 4 wells on the Golan without success. Sure, they found much oil saturated rock but that is unextractable, the theory is that volcanic activity is heating up the oil bearing rock and liquefying the oil. Liquid oil is gold. The problem is how to find those hot liquid lakes of oil.

Another problem is that the Golan is recognized as Syrian territory. Only if Syria breaks up and new entities arise, then maybe the Golan oil will be undisputedly ours to extract and sell. Assad is a pain in the ass, he is holding Syria together and letting Russia and Iran in. He is an Alawi Shia heretic ruling over an Orthodox Shiite population.

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  1. Nice article. This blog shows Israel's Oil Reserves and its importance. Thanks
    Yossi Abu