Friday, July 20, 2018

Gender Studies: Aristophanes’ Ecclesiazusae

I spent half a day reading the Assemblywomen by the Ancient Greek pornographer Aristophanes. The play is so obscene that I wonder how the respectable Athenian public did not walked out. May be the exit was many steps afar. One cannot find similar gutter-level jokes in Athenian literature, nor such attack on womankind and sharing (communism). The revolutionary women dress up as men and take over the Assembly (the Government) and declare sexual and economic equality. Old hags have the right to enjoy sex with young men (today, the debate is about the rights of rejected young male virgins to have sexual relations, because they tend to take revenge by killing their proud classmates) and there is a funny fight between an old hag and a pretty girl to get a boy to bed. It is light satire, of course, but to me reveals the public's rejection of the existing social structure (Athens was then distressed and impoverished by wars)  and a readiness to consider revolutionary changes. This play could not be put on scene in the PC puritan environment of today.

It reminds me when I was protesting the ERP (or was it the Montoneros?) policy of blowing up bridges and burning buses used by the working folk of Buenos Aires, turning their life more difficult. "Mao said that the more unbearable the people's life becomes, the more readily they will join the revolution." 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Things you dont see anymore

Social Revolution in Israel

The rights of homosexuals in Israel have advanced much further than anywhere in the world. Already we have forgotten the fight for legal marriage, that war was won a long time ago. The protests of today demand the right to have children. You may ask - Who is forbidding them to have children? Mother Nature. Just kidding. They are not satisfied with quasi-natural solutions like fake marriage between lesbians and homos, or other arrangements, they are demanding that the State make them a baby. No kidding.

The Israeli State has organized a framework for voluntary womb-mothers paid by the State, that provide infertile couples the possibility to have babies. Lately, the right to enjoy the benefits of the system has been extended to more categories such as elder couples and lesbian couples and others. Now male homosexuals are demonstrating for the right of a government provided and paid for  descendent. The most interesting phenomenon is that private high tech companies are giving a free day to those wishing to attend the protests, and the Histadrut (the Workers Union) has declared a national strike to this effect. The right to have a child in Israel is sacred and the cause of the homosexuals is very popular.

A revolution, soon to come to America. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Aristophanes's play about the festival of Athenian matrons celebrating Demeter and Persephone is a treasure of lyrical poetry. I don't know how faithful is the translation, but the play is enjoyable, even missing  the chorus singing and dancing. An example of the women's chorus praying for Zeus' help:

We hope that they
will win the day
whose words are the best and wisest.
But those who fain
would cheat for gain,
Their solemn oaths forgetting
our ancient laws
and noble cause
and mystic rites upsetting
Who plot for greed
who call the Mede
with secret invitation
I say that these
the gods displease and wrong the Athenian nation.

It is interesting that the drunken women chorus (because the mystic rite was no other than getting drunk in sacred safety) worries about someone betraying the country and calling in the Mede (the Persians). Ancient Greeks were patriotic but, notwithstanding their incessant babble about the essence of goodness, they believed in no God nor in ethical principles, and it was common to betray one's country and help the enemy. But I don't think they ever descended to the depth of impiety of HaAretz columnists that shamelessly glorify Palestinian murderers and call for international intervention against Israel.

I say they certainly displease the gods and wrong the Jewish nation. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Un Bonheur Eternel

The panhellenic festival on Mount Olympus has evolved into a planetary futbol championship. The French (the new French? 80% Africam 50% Muslim) are the current champions.  I am always amazed anew about the Ancient Greeks that developed the cultural/organizational infrastructure of Western civilization. They had democracy and talked incessantly, which made them intelligent. We have to think seriously about how to avoid declining as they did: first they conquered the world with Alexander, then they depopulated their homeland and at last they diluted into Byzantium, the Eastern Roman Empire. Then came the Turks. And Erdogan. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sixty Dead in Northern Britain

From a British Paper: “Approximately 50 pigeons and 10 hens are believed to have perished in the fire."  A massacre. Should be published with a trigger alert for sensitive souls.

Comment: Brits kill and eat 2.2 million chickens per day. And with 70 per cent of all chicken in the UK being home-reared, it also satisfies those who prefer to  buy British.

Israel Quotes Arab Poet: Your Lifes Are In Your Hands

In this moments, Israel is bombing terror infrastructure in Gaza. IDF speaker is broadcasting a message to the people wrapped in a formula they can understand: "Get Out of the Way, if you think your life is worth something." In Arabic it translates like "Your life is in your hands".

And your fast feet, I'd have added.

I don't understand the background image. Psywar.