Monday, December 10, 2018

Trump kidnaps a Chinese princess in the Beijing Opera

In spite of America kidnapping a  Huawei Princess and performing a confused war dance exiting in fury and returning pacified, the trade negotiations between Trump and the Chinese are proceeding somehow.  The Chinese troupe performed a highly stylized story  霸王别姬, i.e. the Supreme Hegemon Bids his Concubine Farewell, with much singing and jumping, but the meaning remains unclear. I never liked Beijing high opera, and less Chinese falsetto arias. You may be interested in those red underage girls, they are intended for sale as royal or presidential concubines. 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Now in Philly: Contaminated Drinking Water

Blood studies reveal that part of Philadelphia's water is contaminated by nearby military bases. The contaminant is a fluoroalkyl compound that causes tumors and increased cholesterol levels among exposed populations. I don't know if we have this plague in Israel. 

Friday, December 7, 2018

Jahmar crashes off coast of Japan

There was an  air refueling accident off coast of Japan. Mid air refueling is a difficult and dangerous operation involving several courageous pilots, and accidents do happen and I am not mocking it. What called my attention is the name of the American pilot; Capt. Jahmar Resilard.

What kind of name is Jahmar?
Urban dictionary explains:

Jahmar is a SEXY charming light skin nigga with money. He has tongue game with ladies pussy. Jahmar knows how to treat a ladie with respect but the problem is with Jahmar is he mess with too many girls so, he is known as a thot. He knows how to make u feel good. is always funny and sometmimes annoying but always a good friend . He is sometimes rude but only on a bad day. Jahmar will always be that nigga who cheers u up and never break or cheat on u... 

Rain falling on Tel Aviv

It is raining in Tel Aviv. The Ayalon River has flooded the nearby streets, almost closing down the access road to South Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv in the pic looks impressive, almost like Hong Kong. Almost. 

The case against Loma Negra

The success of Singer in extracting billions from the Argentine state has whetted the appetites of copycat would be "vultures" and they are suing Argentine corporations. Two years ago Loma Negra cement and infrastructure company sold shares on NASDAQ for 980 million dollars. Apparently the buyers were unaware that Argentina was broken and owed many billions, that the government was corrupt and in general, South Seas hopes of fast and easy profits are always illusory.

Having lost money, the investors are suing Loma Negra that it had hidden "secret information", such as Argentina finances were hopeless, that Loma Negra was forced to pay bribes, that Loma Negra operated in a third world environment. In short, they feel deceived and defrauded.

Now, I always thought that the law was caveat emptor - buyer should beware, specially in the bourse. I am sure that in the sales prospect it was written that there was no guaranty that Loma Negra shares would rise. But in America's "capitalism" it is possible that a judge of New York 2nd Circuit will agree that they were cheated. Crazy! 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

What they did to us

Worldwide Crash

Stock exchanges the world over are collapsing. Here the dollar is 3.7 shekel that is, there was a silent devaluation of ten percent. My most beloved stocks are worth less and less. Hour by hour. In dollar terms, I am being impoverished fast.

What should I do?