Wednesday, October 21, 2020

"Defund-the-Police" led to More Police

Since George Floyd's agony, American media went crazy with protests and demands to defund, dissolve and neuter the police. Politicians dissociated themselves from the killers because Black Lives Matter. The media constructed an imaginary reality, a theater, a farce, it was all fiction. Police budgets were increased everywhere, no policeman was fired, more then one was silently advanced. Everyone understands that the name of the game is to repress the crazies and the excitable races while appearing doing the opposite. George Floyd  was sanctified and is worshipped. Only the evil-doers are unimpressed. 

George was in the car with his girlfriend, the White woman Courtney Ross. Malcolm X tells in his autobiography that he received 7 years in prison for a first, minor robbery, only because his crime of  pimping a White girl. Interestingly, the media never mentioned nor pictured Courtney. George was described as saintly family man, dedicated to his Black wife and two Black children. Courtney was never seen on the media. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Police-Horse Brutality in Jerusalem

The quarantine worked and today we had a very low number of COVID infected persons. Except in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem, where they ignore secular Government orders. They follow only God's commandments. The authorities instructed the police to be humane and kind in imposing the curfew, but police horses are incorrigible brutes. Police-dogs were not employed. I heard that the police-camel corps are held in reserve. Camels have big teeth but their worst weapon is halitosis. They belch and birds drop dead from the sky. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Zoom Fatigue

 I noticed that much of the information in Zoom meetings gets lost and people acts as if did not hear. Myself am tired of zoom and cannot switch back to work - only after a pause. I feel old and exhausted. Zoom requires focus and produces stress. I see people leaving in the middle and not coming back. Maybe I shall get used to it. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Paris: Chechen Student Decapitates Teacher

Trying to explain the concept of "Freedom of Expression", the teacher presented in class a picture of the Prophet Mohammed. A Chechen student, scandalized, decapitated the sacrilegious unbeliever. 

Un professeur d'histoire-géographie a été assassiné, décapité ce vendredi aux alentours de 17h près d'un collège de Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, dans les Yvelines. D'après nos informations, la victime avait montré des caricatures de Mahomet dans le cadre de son cours d'éducation civique, initiative signalée par des parents d'élèves.

25% of the French population is Muslim. How nice is to live in Kfar Saba where there are no such murderous ethnic/religious/political tensions. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

35 Km of Gas Pipes Dug Up and Stolen

 Argentina breaks all records of corruption.  A State owned company laying down a gasoduct from Bolivia, dug up 35 kilometers of its own pipes already under earth.  Five were found (pic), the rest has disappeared.  Source Pagina 12. The management is being investigated. Probably they have been reused in another part of the project, you cannot sell them on eBay. The Government was charged for the "new" pipes. That is my opinion based on personal experience as a former provincial employee.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Two days in Quarantine

The last two days I could not get myself to work. The medical cannabis business called my attention and bought 5000 sheqels of Kannbit shares, a pharma startup that grows grass near the Dead Sea and has contracts to supply Britain. Israel is not exporting (permits!) and the business fills the contract with Uruguayan produce. It is working for the permit and hoping for prosperity.  

We are babysitting grand-daughter Noia, 4 years old, a freckled redhead - and we had a nice conversation. We had never spoke because her older sister, her mother and my wife - all deranged - always sabotage me. We examined my new anti-pigeon windmill and the dead tree in the "garden", she carried water to the plants and enquired what they eat, I told her about the bats living in the fig trees in our street and she asked how big are they, we observed the forms of passing clouds and so.  

Now I am trying to make some order in my projects.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Ayodhiya Rebuilt

 Gandhi put India back into preindustrial obscurantism and superstition, but Hinduism has found itself and India is industrializing and prospering. Narendra Modi is a Hindu leader with efficiency and drive, who at the same time, is attentive to religion. Seconded by the Yogi Adityanath he is rebuilding the temple of the God Ram. In the East Aryan epic Ramayana,  Ram is passed over by his father the King and exiled, but after many adventures he takes his rightful place. A blessed era follows. 

After almost a week of holidays and corona quarantine, it is difficult for me to restart my daily work routine. I had a good night sleep, in the early morning drunk a charged coffee that sent me back to bed till midday. it must be difficult for others too, as no one called. It is important to work every day given that it is so easy to lose the habit.