Wednesday, April 21, 2021

God exists (and is Jewish)


Otherwise, the universe cannot be explained. At least I cannot, and no one else can. Not that it makes any difference in day-to-day living. 

Pic: the Boss structure. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Israel cannot form a government

 The political system of Israel, based on coalition forming, has broken down and no party is able to form a stable, sustainable governing coalition. It is paralysis, chaos, anarchy, we are on the road leaderless, Wes of Mad Max (pic) on the wheel.  Netanyahu says it is necessary to change the system and adopt an American-style majority government.

Know Your Enemy


Fate has decreed that we are at war with Iran. They have said many times that they want to destroy us, and they are building a weapon to do so. Who are these people the Iranians? The map shows the ethnic groups making up Iran. Apparently, dominant Persians and are related. "Ana Kurdi" - says all for Israelis; on the other hand, the Zoroastrian Parsis are a talented and successful group. South Iran is occupied by Persian Gulf islanders (mixed with Africans) and Baluchis (Pakistanis). The North East is Azeri and Turkish. The Persian group is unmixed Neolithic meaning they were able to defend themselves and were not subjected to others. The average IQ of ethnic Persians is about 90 (my estimate) which compares to Balkan peoples. 

Monday, April 19, 2021

Climate Change causes Extinction


Why aren't Millennials having kids? Mostly it's lack of mate, careerism, & perceived cost. But 13% say climate change is a 'major reason' for not having kids. (?!?)

Sunday, April 18, 2021

A cada cerdo le llega su San Martin (*)

 The deputy commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps' Quds Force, Brigadier General Mohammed Hejazi, died Sunday, the IRGC announced.

Hejazi died of a "heart condition" the Iranian military said, without providing additional details.

Hejazi was appointed deputy commander of the Quds Force in January 2020, following the assassination of Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani.

Hejazi, then an adviser to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, planned the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association in Buenos Aires.

(*) Spanish saying: The day of Saint Martin arrives for every pig.  Traditionally, the day of Saint Martin  (Sanctus Martinus Turonensis, a Hungarian Christian saintis celebrated with the sacrifice of a fattened pig. The day of Hejazi arrived 27 years later. Never too late. 

The New Yorker promotes Aliyah

 The New Yorker magazine writes about antisemitism in the US. 

"I was held personally accountable for the occupation of Palestine, despite having spoken out against Israel’s racist right-wing government. Was I aware, I was asked, that my ancestors owned all the slave boats? At one point, I was told, quite blandly, as if we were discussing that day’s lunch special, that “everyone knows a Jew could never win Memorial,” a historically white, conservative part of the district."

What else American Jews need to understand?

Pic.: The grandparents of the article's writer, before WWII, in Amsterdam.