Thursday, November 14, 2019

Where are the descendants of Plato?

Nowhere. Plato was a homosexual who never married nor had children. He was member of Athens most distinguished family - where are they? Nowhere. They left no issue. The current population of Peloponnese carries the African gene against malaria, suggesting that the natives were semi-extinguished by malaria. The same is true of Sicily and even Rome.

The people found in Roman Cemeteries are mostly North African and East Mediterranean - few original Latin people. The malarial mosquito appeared in those areas during historical times and caused a profound population replacement. So we have an historically documented dying-off of the Classical Greek elite, and of Roman Senatorial families. If I remember the numbers, from the original 250 senatorial families none remained by the third century. Roman senatorial families did not necessarily ended for lack of children as adoption was widely practiced.

Most astonishing, the whole Greco-Roman world disappeared and its densely peopled cities were abandoned and forgotten. All that was known, over 95% of the books, was destroyed. Science had to be re-invented in the Renaissance starting in Northern Italy. On the other side of continental mass, on the Pacific sea board, the Chinese maintained uninterrupted civilization. What we learn from history? that it can happen again. 

Happy End to the Last Week's War

This morning it was announced that a ceasefire has been reached between the Islamic Jihad and Israel. In short: Israel fired a missile into the Jihad's military leader's bedroom, killing him and his wife, and they responded by firing 500 missiles to the Israeli South. 60% of the missiles fell in open fields, and 90% of the others was intercepted. 10% destroyed buildings, but people was in the refuges and there were no casualties. The most important achievement is the detachment of the Jihad, a terrorist organization, from Hamas, the religious movement that rules Gaza. Dividing the enemy is half victory. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

On the impermanency of borders

The King of Transjordan demanded the return of two border farms that "belonged" to his kingdom. We ceded them without protest. Borders are not sacred, they move and change all the time. The  seventy post-WWII years of fixed borders are an anomaly, explained by America's supremacy. But that, unfortunately, is changing. The next era will see large corrections. President Macron, in an interview to The Economist, insinuates just that.

To understand my point, look at the map of Central Europe around 1860. All the East is Hungarian, to the Adriatic. Prussia and Austria are the largest states. What is Konigsreich? Grossherzogtum? The Kingdom of Sardinia? Never heard of them. In a few generation no one will know that Gaza had existed. 

Proportionality in Gaza

The IDF is restraining its response to the current bombardment of the South of Israel out of respect of a fundamentally wrong international humanitarian and legal principle called proportionality. This European concept means that the punishment returned to the attacker must be equal to the actual hurt. When someone comes to kill you but he succeeds only to cut your little finger, you are not allowed to beat his brains out but just to sever his little finger with anesthetics, and no more. Eye for eye, etc. Game theory also says that the best rule is tit-for-tat or tit-for-two tats. Is it so? Most people in Israel think that our response should be to level Gaza like the Allies did in Dresden (pic). Revert Gaza to its pristine, sustainable habitat of grassland for goats and camels. Prof. Victor Davis Hanson thinks proportionality in war is stupid and wrong. He is right. 

تماس با ما

It is funny but my computer is receiving recruitment posters from intelligence organizations. I am an old old (there are old and there are old old) Hungarian Jew who never had  to do with intelligence and have none. I copied the writing shown in the title, something in Persian. I am very busy, preparing a lecture on WWTP design, collecting money (the most difficult task of all) and babysitting for my granddaughter Shkeddy. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Searching for a rational Palestinian

Well we have liquidated the leader of the Jihad Islami of Gaza. We did it for the Hamas, an enemy we can make agreements with. We are working for a rational Palestinian leadership. Should a Gazan leader volunteer for the position, we shall help him to take power. This is an equal employer advertisement. 

Animal Rights: How many non-human CEOs are in America?

I am all for Animal Rights. It is not enough to have females and trans whatever in the workforce and in the management, and pay them the same salaries as hard working White males, the discrimination against animals should be ended immediately! According The Economist, there are only 3% Africans in the management class. But what is the percentage of animals? Zero! ZERO! Why are they discriminated, oppressed, genocyded? Just because they have furry skins? We are all creatures of God, we are born with equal rights, there are no races and no animals/humans, we are the same under the skin. Fight against animal discrimination!

May be it is not 0% animals in management. I know ONE who is an animal.