Saturday, September 9, 2017

Alanbrooke and Churchill

I am reading Alanbrooke's war diary and it changed my view of Churchill. The Brits under his leadership avoided like hell fighting the Germans, he resisted American and Soviet pressure to launch an invasion to the continent and sent British forces to defend the colonies, Egypt, India, Ceylon. All the while protesting that he was preparing to fight the Germans.

I understand that the British were afraid of fighting a land war because Verdun had exterminated a whole generation of British youth. But Churchill, in addition, was a former Minister for the Colonies, and his strategy was to maintain intact the Empire - he was the quintessential British colonialist. In the nineteen forties, colonialism and imperialism were already obsolete, and Churchill's obsession of maintaining the Empire prolonged WWII two or three years and bankrupted England.

Alanbrooke describes how Stalin begged Churchill to open a second front in Europe to divert some German forces from the Eastern front, with zero results. Churchill did not care about the tens of millions dying in the East, he was protecting the Suez Canal, England's lifeline to India.  

As soon as the war was over, The Empire cracked and England gave it up because realized that times had changed and colonialism was dead, that peoples were rebelling and the English themselves lost their will to rule and exploit colored folks. In summary, Churchill and his sidekick Alanbrooke caused untold unnecessary suffering to humanity.

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