Saturday, May 26, 2018

Morocco Expels Irani Ambassador

Morocco, a leading Arab country, has broken its diplomatic relations with the Persian regime. Interestingly, I have not read that it was the love of Israel that made the Moroccans to throw out the ayatollahs. Even the Persians did not suggest that Morocco is obeying Zionist dictates (The say the relations are normal). The French daily Le Monde writes:
« Il peut s’agir d’une volonté de rendre la politesse à Washington après le geste américain en faveur du Maroc dans le cadre de la dernière résolution sur le Sahara occidental, tout cela dans un contexte où les tensions régionales et locales sont exacerbées et poussent partout à des reconfigurations. »
that is, Iran is arming the Polisario rebels (pic), an act considered unfriendly by the Moroccans.  I recognize my beloved 23 mm WWII Russian antiair gun in the pic.


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  2. Its population is larger than most and it is more advanced.

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