Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Weekly Portion

This week we are reading the portion of the Bible dealing with Moshe's instructions before starting the conquest of the Land. 

First of all, the Israelites must destroy every sign of the religion of the natives. 
Second, the Israelites will create an organized religion centered in the "place the G-d will choose" and only there they will offer sacrifices. The Bible does not define the place, although Mount Gerizim and Mount Avel are mentioned.  

The Samaritan Jews still consider that the Temple is in Mt. Gerizim (pic) in Samaria (Shomron). A second priestly center developed in Judea, with center in Jerusalem, which competed with the Samaria priesthood. Contemporary Jews are descended from the Judeans and our temple is in Jerusalem. 

The chapter calls to give ten percent of the agricultural produce to the assistant priests tribe living all around the country, called Levi'im, as they are the only Israelites with no land of theirs. 

Now it is the third time we are following his program.