Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Billion Smuggled Eggs

Israel has inherited from her socialist past a quota system in the egg market. Farmers settled in mountain areas or with poor soils where nothing can be grown received egg production quotas. The Egg Marketing Board buys the eggs at controlled prices, subsidizing in fact Jewish agriculture. The system has survived 30 years of right wing capitalist regimes.

The well known result of socialism is scarcity with overproduction. Thanks to planned economy, Israel imports and exports eggs simultaneously. The situation promotes trade and the (illegal) trade in eggs flourishes. In the pic., a smuggled egg warehouse operated by Israeli Arabs from the non-subsidized Palestinian Authority farmers. The eggs carried the stamp of the Egg Marketing Board, thanks to a corrupt pakid (officer). He will spend the next four years in jail eating eggs (and chickpeas) three times a day. Prison dietitians have a passion for healthy, sugar-free eggs (and chickpeas).

I realize we have been consuming enemy eggs for years. At least we have not sinned: Palestinian eggs are perfectly kosher. 

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  1. Do you think Ben Gurion today would be a Likuknik or Neoconservative?