Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Chinese Fake Brides

Single men in China are hiring stand-in brides to pacify their anxious parents to show them that they are in a relationship and close to bringing them grandchildren.

Being an old Jew, I identify with Chinese parents, who willingly accept being lied to by their beloved only son, and also to keep up a fake facade of happiness vis-a-vis the neighbors.  Isn't that horrible? The son going to such extraordinary lengths to fake success and happiness ...  to make his parents happy. They take selfies smiling and radiant while inside they are anguished and desperate. And full of shame, hating themselves and the whole universe. Oh, Earth, open up, and swallow me!
The Chinese live in a society where they are forced to invest enormous energy in fake courtesy and fake posing, just to be allowed some tranquillity. Since Chinese are basically honest people, they live in permanent  fear of being discovered and publicly shamed. Everybody knows that all around them are faking it and fearing shaming, being all mutual accomplices in faking it. It is no wonder that Chinese escape China as fast as they can to live more honestly and in peace with themselves.

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