Saturday, December 16, 2017

America wasting millions of little Einsteins

A week ago, the whole blogosphere that I visit was laughing and mocking the New York Times article about the millions of potential little Einsteins the country was wasting. What the NYT writes, the HaAretz (our local Palestinian fishwrap, in high Hebrew) writes and twice magnified. The article at the left is titled "The Lost Einsteins of America". It is not only pure nonsense but also irrelevant for our little country that has no significant population of Asians, Hispanos, African Americans - nor White non-Jewish Americans.

Why they do this? First, it must be because it is cheap page filler, it comes ready made from the mouth of the Master.  Second, because the article is strongly subversive as it implies that the Government is purposefully destroying the minds of those millions of little Einsteins, that is, the Government is the enemy. This message is avidly absorbed by the local subversives and it re-enforces their gut feeling that the Government of Israel, specifically Bibi Netaniyahu, is evil. The article, laughable and irrelevant as it is, is a political propaganda weapon.

P.S.:  Give me a reason why the Israeli intelligentsia is so worried about the minds of millions of little American Black, Hispano, etc. einsteins going to waste?   The late Ayatollah Khomeini said that America is the Big Satan while Israel is the Small Satan sitting in its brain. He was wrong, Israel has no mind of its own, it is America that sits in its brain. America is so pervasive in the minds of HaAretz writers that they imagine they are the Big Satan and not the miserable small satans they are. They feel nothing of their own buy deeply mourn the tragedy of millions of little African einsteins that never existed nor will.

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