Friday, December 15, 2017

Beta Decay

We are approaching the end of the tax year and I rebalanced my portfolio. My goal is to balance my losses with my gains, in order to cover my tax debts on the winning shares with the tax credits of the losing shares. Since tax here is 25%, the relation has to be one to four.

Since this year I had few losses, now I am thinking that the whole exercise was useless. It had been better to pay full tax and not to try to rebalance. Why? The first issue is beta slippage. 

The  second issue is the high cost of selling and buying stock through the bank.  Several times in the past I demanded and received a reduction of the percentage taken by the bank, yet it seems to silently return to its former shark bite share. The Poalim bank is the most expensive, and of course, also the most profitable bank in this country. I cannot change banks because of my managing partner, Giveret j. (aka wife).

On the other hand, it is important to meet the banker at least twice a year, because his job in the bank depends on the work he does, that is giving advice to the clients of the bank. It is good that he profits from my relationship, so he may be inclined to help me when I need him.

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