Monday, December 11, 2017

No body to talk to

We all knew that it was happening, but had no way of proving it. If true then it was so bad that we thought it was better to treat it as forbidden knowledge, tabu. May be by not mentioning it, it will go away. Yet, more and more studies are giving the same results and it is being published in respectable scientific journals:
"Piagetian trends indicate that a decimation of top scores may be accompanied by gains in cognitive ability below the median. They also reveal the existence of factors that have an atypical impact at high levels of cognitive competence. Scandinavian data from conventional tests confirm the decimation of top scorers but not factors of atypical impact."
Notice that in this key paragraph, there is no mention of IQ nor anything remotely associated with race, immigration, biological differences. One can read it and keep pretending that IQ does not exist and humans are equal and interchangeable.

Piaget here does not refer to a Swiss clock but to a psychological theory stating that children are BORN with a basic thinking mechanism and they develop their capabilities according to their basic potential and of course, the environment. Therefore, Piagetian trend is a codeword for cognitive capabilities trend, and the trend is (1) fewer individuals in the higher ranges, and (2) IQ increase in the retard class. I understand this means that geniuses - notably Scandinavian geniuses - are disappearing and the moderately imbeciles are multiplying. It may be relevant that as of 2016, Statistics Sweden reported that a third of the population is from foreign background.

Soon there will be nobody to talk to. Soon only AI robots and Trismagistus judeophobius will be reading this blog.


  1. Some possible explanations:

    1) Biochemical causes:

    There is simply an incredible amount of shit being introduced into the water supply and food chain, often in completely random doses. People are very highly medicated, especially intelligent children. I assume that the brain of a very smart person is something like a Lamborghini, which is less tolerant of various chemical impurities in the fuel than a Toyota Hi-Lux. Also, IQ is correlated with later puberty, and puberty ages have been falling in the West (probably due to all that shit in the water); it's possible that puberty stops certain aspects of brain development.

    2) Social causes. The smarter people are, the more likely they are (in the absence of a strong community with contrary values) to take on antinatal Western values and implement them. This shit has been going on for, oh, five generations now? I'm talking Margaret Mead's work (brought to you by the Rockefeller Foundation, of course) and so forth.

    1. Oh, by the way-my yishuv is planning to build (we gave up on Amana, thank God). I'm on the building committee. I wanted to invite you to have some coffee and chat about what we need to be thinking about with regards to water and sewage.

    2. Thanks. Currently I am so busy that cannot lift my head. Sorry. The Moatzah has excelent professionals and very dynamic.