Saturday, April 14, 2018

A visit to the cemetery

This is the grave to the right of my Mother's. The headstone is a typical sandstone of the Shomron with cavities created by water. The poem must mean something but it escapes me.

He said Yes to Life,
and Good Morning to the new day, 
of hours and days, 
of beautiful moments,
In the hope of strength - without trepidation. 

No mention of where he was born, name of the father and the mother, if he was married or had children. This unique in this place. The circular stamp in the upper left corner says "Magen ve Lo Yiraeh" - Defends without being seen. The logo of the Shabak, the Secret Service. An anonymous soldier.  

I tried to google Shmulik Erez. Appeared the despicable fishwrap HaAretz. Quote:
 שמוליק ארז. תת-אלוף שמוליק ארז. במודיעין האיראני יכולים להירגע: אין איש כזה

"Shmulik Erez. Lt. General Shmulik Erez. The Information Service of Iran may relax: This man does not exist. "


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