Friday, April 6, 2018

No Eugenics in China

The Third Hospital of Peking University launched a sperm donation campaign from Wednesday to run until May 23, and listed a series of requirements for the donors. Source. 
In addition to being in good health, the hospital says donors must have “favorable political qualities”. “[The donors must] love the socialist motherland and embrace the leadership of the Communist Party,” the notice said. “[He must] be loyal to the party’s tasks, be decent, law-abiding and be free of any political problems.”
Apart from meeting the political requirements, would-be donors must be over 20 years old and show no obvious signs of hair loss, color blindness or weight problems.  

Families applying for IVF treatment wait more than a year, partly due to a shortage of suitable donors. China bans the sale of human semen and women looking to undergo fertility treatment must use non-profit sperm banks. 
For all the fears or hopes that the Chinese are improving their deteriorating gene pool, it appears that it is not happening. Surprisingly, the Chinese are as clueless as their Western counterparts. Much more, in fact, as apparently Party membership is one of the "genes" they are looking for. 


  1. and Jewish eugenics? Neocon eugenics?

    1. Azeri eugenics? Turkish eugenics? Farsi eugenics? Chimp eugenics?