Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Israel is Paradise on Earth

I think so. The Eritrean infiltrators are allowed to work but 20% of their salary is retained and paid back when they leave. 16% additional is retained by the employers for an unemployment and retirement fund. An Eritrean in Israel accumulates seventy thousand dollars, yet no one is leaving. Ah, forgot, Israel gives a good-bye present of three thousand dollars to each one voluntarily climbing the airplane's stairs.

Millions of Palestinian "refugees" claiming to be "re-admitted". But no Arab is moving to the Palestinian Authority. These days, hundreds of thousands are risking their lives to break through the border fence in Gaza.

Objectively, they share my conviction that living among Jews is the best and Israel is as close to paradise as a political entity can be.


  1. KM says:
    April 3, 2018 at 8:37 am GMT

    Yeah, it looked like that Brad Pitt zombie movie, which oddly enough, also took place in Israel. Talk about life imitating art.

    Also, why can’t the Israeli government just keep withholding more and more of the Africans’ pay until it’s no longer worth it to stick around? Why would 20% be acceptable and not 30%?

    By the way, could you guys maybe hold off on this whole deportee shipment to Canada until after the next election? You see, we already took in nearly 50 000 Syrians and have 20 000 more in the queue. Just give us a chance to change our government and hopefully Andrew Scheer can get us out of this(but in return he’ll recognize Jerusalem as your capital).

    If, on the other hand, we re-elect Prime Minister Zoolander and his east African refugee immigration minister, then just send us every east African refugee you’ve got. We’ll deserve it.

    1. Who is the Zoolander mentioned above? It appears that he is Canada's liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. I learn a lot reading comments.

  2. More like Hell on Earth, your time is coming.

  3. Our Hell looks like Paradise to you.

  4. Dmitry says:
    April 3, 2018 at 11:41 pm GMT • 200 Words

    Israel is a third-world (undeveloped) appearing country, that after a few weeks you realize has very first-world (developed) standard of living.

    And the African illegal immigrants, get free healthcare, free education, free use of the parks, libraries (if they were interested), personal safety of the country, protection by the army, etc.

    Obviously, illegal immigrants will not want to leave voluntarily, unless they are detained, or there is some external pressure applied. It is paradise for them.

    However, unlike Ukrainians and Georgians, who are deported from Israel – Sudanese and Eritreans are not deported, and they have their work permits given to them by the Israeli government according to the Supreme Court.

    It’s a case where ‘not all illegal immigrants are equal’ – with the Sudanese and Eritreans illegal immigrants being treated like a royalty by Israel, even though Israel can only make them leave voluntarily. While the Ukrainians and Georgians are deported home when they are discovered, and nobody cares or even makes blog posts about it like this one (even though the Sudanese and Eritreans have not actually been deported).

  5. True. Paradoxically, hardworking East Europeans overstaying their visas are unceremoniously deported while Africans are treated like royalty and cannot be offended nor sent back to Africa.
    The reason of this paradox, I gather, is our mental dependence from the United State and Western Europe. Europeans suffer from untreatable guilt complex vis-a-vis Africans.
    Another reason is that the Israeli left has discovered that they can seize the higher moral ground against the governing right through the use of this issue. The New Israeli Fund, a left wing conspiracy, went so far as to sabotage Israeli agreement with Ruanda to accept Eritrean deportees. Not that they love Africans, but they pretend to be more moral than the right. Pfuuia!