Friday, April 27, 2018

Darwin Award Candidate from Palestinian "March of Return" Riots

Interestingly, the Israeli left did not organize counter-protest demanding the border be opened and the Arabs let in. Imagine those thousands of angry, violent youth on the streets of Tel Aviv. We would suffer the fate of the Yazidis.

What was the Islamic State? It was the rebellion of the Sunni Muslims of Syria and Iraq to escape the rule of their Shi'ite masters. In the stress of the war, the Assad dynasty was revealed as a tribal Alawite dictatorship over the Sunni majority. The Alawites, while barely Muslim, allied themselves with Iran, the Shi'a patron of the Middle East. ISIS was strangely silent about Israel and never anti-Jewish, possibly exposing the underlying structure of the Middle East conflict: The Sunni peoples vs. isolated Shi'a pockets.

The Sunni are the Palestinians, Syrians, Jordan, Western Iraq, Saudia, the Gulf. The Shi'a are Iran, South Lebanon, the Alawite pocket, the Houthis in Yemen. Paradoxically, the Sunni seem to consider Israel as a not acknowledged ally, and semi-legitimate owner of Palestine. We shall overcome.


  1. Are the palestinas aware that the Sunni gulf sheikdoms abandoned them?

  2. The political leadership, for sure, the teenagers throwing the stones, no, they are doing it for the fun.