Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Erythrean Ghetto in Tel Aviv costs 100 million dollars per year

The abominable lunatic fringe lefwing fishwrap HaAretz published yesterday an article estimating the monetary cost of having an African ghetto in South Tel Aviv and the amount that will be saved by their return to Africa. Signed by the respected economist Hani Amit, it quotes the Police that the marginal cost of patrolling the neighborhood cost 119 million sheqel (2016), and the Social Security and Health expenses, given that the refugee population is young and fertile, etc. etc. they arrive to the conservative estimate above. Expelling them would save annually hundred million dollars minimum. We are paying them 3000 US$ to leave voluntarily, but the unwritten corollary is that every dollar spent on getting rid of each one is worth several times that sum. The NPV of 119 million divided by 35,000 Erythreans is ...  (do your math!).  I assume that other countries are making similar estimates but they would never acknowledge it.

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