Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich J

All the armies of the Antiquity checked out with the gods before entering a battle if the day was fausto or infausto. Today was pre-ordained for me to be infausto, a luckless day. I started at 630 but the car did not, so I spent an hour arranging replacement for my lectures. The University's secretary cut me cold: Professor J. this day will be deducted from your salary. I never lost one day before, but that does not count, they are implacable.
Then the mails: My garage design was rejected for a small error, it happens to the best, but my client was impatient and demanding.
I checked my savings account, it is 10% lower than a month ago. I had the impression that it had been a good month, with money flowing in aplenty, but the numbers said differently.
A client-friend called to demand to finish his project - he was harsh and insulting.
Tomorrow I have to deliver the Dizengoff Center design. It is very complicated, the Center is fifty years old and decaying, they want to join several levels in one kitchen and a restaurant in the roof. I have not started yet. 
It was like a blow in the face, suddenly I felt bitter and depressed. Decided to stop worrying and to get drunk for the night.
Tomorrow is another day.
Hope so.

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