Friday, June 8, 2018

Argentina Decides It Belongs to the Third Shit-World

Israel was shocked and humiliated this week when Argentina decided that its futbol team, lead by the semigod Messi, will not arrive to Jerusalem to play us. The Argentinian Foreign Ministry had acceded to the Palestinian authority's diplomatic request.

On the other hand, Argentina has negotiated and received a 50 billion dollar loan facility at the International Monetary Fund. There was a run on the peso and if they had no access to finance, the speculators would have destroyed the country in a year. Everybody knows what is the meaning of the monstrous debt to the IMF: the immediate drastic reduction of public spending, unemployment and misery, deflation and sale of national resources to American and other foreign capitals. Argentina has a very long and very unhappy history of indebtedness to the IMF. No nation that accepted the IMF debt-slavery ever escaped from the shit-hole.


  1. Anybody who has any honor will not borrow anything from the IMF and live a bronze age lifestyle if they have to.

  2. Self-imposed isolation sometimes is necessary.

  3. Would you sell your country in debt bondage? Do you have a country?

    1. No, thank God, I have no country to sell, that is too much responsibility for me.