Friday, June 15, 2018

Realizing What is Important in Life

CHETTY: So if you’re in your mid-30s, only something like a quarter or less of girls growing up in the Bay Area are married, and we show in our paper that every extra year you spend growing up in the Bay Area, you’re less likely to get married. I remember telling my wife, “I don’t think we need to worry. Our daughter will be fine in terms of earnings. It’s just that she might not be married if we move to California.”
COWEN: So, you’ve lowered your expectations for grandchildren?
Source Chetty is a genius and not yet forty. Yet he is worried about grandchildren. If he really thought it was important, he would move to Beit Shemesh or Modi'in Ilit. He would quit Stanford and world-fame, and teach in a yeshiva known only to Haredi Jews. Obviously, he is not worried enough.

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