Monday, June 11, 2018

Extreme Heat Waves and What the Palestinians Have Learnt from Them









 Really. They keep rejecting modern agricultural technologies and writing nostalgic tales about "baladi" (village) agriculture, the neverland when man was synchronous with nature. At the fellah level, the poor fellow sees and believes that hi-tech Israeli agriculture works, and tries to imitate it, but in Ramallah the very idea is taboo.


  1. Can you talk in more details about it? What exactly are they rejecting?

  2. Do they even have the expertise to implement these methods?

    Quick question. How would Israel feel if Turkey sent contractors and agents to Arab districts to work on farmland there.

    Would it be against your laws?

    1. Not at all. But Turks feel they are the rulers, speak no Arabic and do not like Arabs. They two incompatible peoples.

    2. That's not really true at all. Islamic missionary activity has increased from Turkey, they have bases in the worst shitholes that nobody else will touch, cf. Somalia.