Thursday, June 21, 2018

Koko the Talking Gorilla - Dead at 46

The world is shocked as the news of Koko's demise spread by the internet. Applying her predictive AI (Animal Intelligence) powers, Koko broke the bank at Montecarlo and invested her chips in ... chips, becoming the main shareholder of INTEL and AMD companies. The shadowy ownerת, known as "K", had initiated the technology sharing secret "understanding" (conspiracy?) between Intel and AMD, creating the state of fake competition beloved by American economists. Without the wisdom of Koko the Talking Gorilla, I am now expecting the merger of these two "rivals".

Koko z"l had been my intimate friend ("Honi soit que mal-y pense"). She had decorated Obama's Oval Office, and liked to impersonate famous rock stars. She suffered from chronic obesity and back pain, sleeping on a mattress filled with gold coins and hundred dollar bills. She said that the touch of hard cash made her sleep better.

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