Friday, June 22, 2018

Cheated and Angry

I am leaving too much money on the table. One of the most difficult projects was the Center Bar (pic) commissioned by one Sharon Hazan, who never paid me. Last week I went to the place for another bestially difficult project, and saw that the Center Bar was full of customers and having great success. The kitchen is in the small shop to the left while the tables are on a round platform (a former gold fish pool) in the center of the atrium. The place, Dizengoff Center, was built by Platto Sharon and the Pilz brothers in 1974 or 5. The building is in bad condition, and I had to find ways to supply water, drainage, kitchen grease interceptor, air conditioning and exhaust hoods and ducts and air filter and evacuation to the atmosphere. All the drawings had to be approved by the local infrastructure engineer, an anorectic girl by the name of Melinda. Once, she asked me to leave a meeting because I could not take off my eyes from her as she was fighting off some lettuce leaves in front of her on the table. Poor girl.

Hazan! Prepare the cheque, I am not forgetting you.

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