Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Did Alex Viznitzer take bribes?

Alex Viznitzer (left) former manager of the National Road Corporation (Netivey Israel), was publicly disgraced because apparently he allowed "transference" of monies to the party whom he owed his post. The affair disappeared from the papers (the party is in the governing coalition) but now the police sent a letter to him and thirty other NRC employees calling them to audience. The new affair is called Affair 618 and Alex stands accused that between 2004 and 2010 asked for and received bribes from suppliers for advancing the payment of the amounts due to them. Alex received the Corporation with enormous debts and mountains of unpaid bills, and sure, he worked like a dog to get them paid. Did he took bribes? Having met him, I doubt it, but who knows? He had been a poorly paid immigrant engineer and has a beautiful, large family.

Another functionary, Igor Wagenfeld, is suspected of receiving bribes for hiring experts and consulting engineers. Apparently, a fixed percentage of the payments was being transferred to his brother's foreign account. He declared that the police is trying to inflate his influence and he was never in a position to hire consultants. Source: Globes.

I think that the police has nothing solid so they are applying pressure a large group in the hope that, trying to save themselves, will complicate each other. It may work.

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  1. Brazil is also in the middle of a “anti-corruption” moralist crusade, the Labor Party suffered a coup d’etat and now the Central Bank has a Israeli born jew as a boss.