Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hot Water Distribution Problem

A large catering kitchen of the Haredi sector hired me to design the wastewater and water system. I finished the wastewater design but the hot water system requires consideration. In their current facility they have the problem that the hot water stream arrives to the faucet only after a minute or so, and they want instant hot water at a certain temperature and pressure.  And they dont want electric heaters. The kitchen is divided into two separate sections that implement different kashrut rules - I assume, one is more severe than the other, or one is Ashkenazi and the other is Sepharadi. I didnt ask - it is not my business. BTW my origin (Hungarian Jew) impressed them favorably. There is ethnic favoritism among the Haredim.

I am planning a gas heater with a recirculating loop with lots of electronic sensors. There is also the problem that it cannot work on the Sabbath. They also forbid me to work on that day. 


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