Monday, October 30, 2017

Global Prosperity Fuels Commodities

Today we entered into winter time regime, the day when winter sadness or depression hits cold-evolved genotypes. I too felt it. Anyway, global markets are starting to be optimistic and, as Koldus predicted, commodity prices are due to rise. (I am not saying that they ARE rising but that I hope...). Which Israeli shares will lead the avalanche? Israel Chemical (potash) should be a good investment. Metals are another field, but we in Israel have no metals. Neither have soybean.  Pic: A field of mature soybean.

I am starting to plan my next holiday in the UK in June/July 2018.


  1. So the world economy will rise non-stop? Is because Trump?

  2. It is starting to recover strongly. The markets - not like the media - have Confidence in Trump.

    1. Why the media hates Trump?

      What do you think of these Jewish Neoconservative sites like Tablet Mag? They hate Trump.

    2. I do not know if they hate him. I know that British leftwing would eat him alive and spit out the bones. I cannot see the why.

    3. Maybe most of the Neocons are leftists in the hearts