Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Ethiopian Jews

I am designing the expansion of large catering business that works around the clock. The production cannot be stopped, so it will be done by stages. Ninety percent of the workers are Africans, probably Ethiopian Jews (pic). They work and earn good money, but complain because of the heat.

Later I went to a project in Northern Lod, the Palestinian neighborhood. It was the first time in Israel that I saw raw sewage flowing in the street. The call of the muezzin from the minaret was deafening: the Government tried to moderate the volume so they increased it in protest. I doubt if the faithful enjoy being ordered at five o'clock in the morning to go to prayer. Arabs I talked to know they are pathetic and "shooting themselves in the foot", but assume their miserable existence with dignity. They are impotent to resist, they are prisoners in their society. Every once in a while a girl is killed by her brothers because she refused to marry the man who paid for her and brought shame on the family.

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