Sunday, October 22, 2017

Buoyancy of the Jews

Globes (an Israeli business paper) reports that the world's largest fund "Bridgewater" managing 160 Billion dollars has Israelis in its top positions. This is so anomalous that one has to ask itself: What percentage of the world's very high IQ people is Israeli? Of every 10,000 humans, one is an Israeli Jew. Yet you find us everywhere where intelligence is imperative. I shall ask Leone (you know, Tanquam ex ungue leonem) and also make a guess, but just now I am trying to force myself back into the routine of work. It is not easy, after an intense vacation in London.

PS.: Il Leone has calculated Ashkenazi IQ = 112 while Thompson estimates the world's IQ=86.  Ashkenazi are about 8 million while the world 8 billion. IQ has a Gaussian distribution, so about half of the high IQ extreme may be Ashkenazi. Since there are many subgroups in the world, the estimate is wrong; yet we have some very special individuals.  


  1. The world of international fiancĂ© have always been a Jewish world J, I’m the first century BC Cicero was already confronting a well moneyed Jewish lobby in Rome.