Monday, February 5, 2018

Israeli bureaucracy: Invincible

In 2014 the whole Israeli gas industry was about to crash because Nobel wanted to leave the country. The reason was that the regulation and taxing rules were changing all the time. Netaniyahu promised to intervene and moderate and stabilize the regulation, but that did not happen. Last week the Commerce and Industry Chamber had a meeting to protest bureaucracy, and the facts revealed are shocking. Ten percent of the food cost is the cost of compliance with the paperwork required, and examples were given of large foreign companies that went back on their plans to enter the Israel market. It is impossible to open a small shop without violating some of the hundred rules and requirements. I am depressed. My designs get rejected by ignorant young women with dictatorial regulatory powers for capricious reasons, such as the scale is inexact, the lines are too thin and of wrong color, the position of the hot water tank is misplaced a few centimeters, spelling mistakes.

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