Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Intelligence from the Enemy

'Lizards with the ability to "attract atomic waves" were reportedly used by Western spies to gain intelligence on Iran's nuclear program, a high-ranking Tehran official has claimed.
Hassan Firuzabadi, senior military advisor to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told local media on Tuesday that he became aware of the sqamate reptiles "several years ago."
Firuzabadi referred to one case involving foreigners who were in the Islamic Republic on an aid mission. They possessed lizards and chameleons whose skin attracted atomic waves, he said, adding that the foreigners were "nuclear spies" who wanted information on Tehran's uranium mines and atomic activities.'
I did not make this up. Some lizards do have a photosensory organ on the top of their heads called the parietal eye which can detect changes in radiation in the visible spectrum. The Persian general may felt these Buddha-like creatures with a third eye had to be Israeli spies. This follows the famous Israeli vulture case in Saudi Arabia, the Israeli sharks sabotaging Egyptian tourist industry, and the Israeli eagle spying on Sudan. 

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