Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Gathering Storm in the Triangle where Three Frontiers Meet

The Syrian Army is pushing towards the south western corner of the country, and before it runs a terrorized mass of scared future "refugees". Israel and Jordan have closed the frontier, the people is camping on the Syrian side. International refugee agencies are organizing veritable tent cities touching the frontiers. We live in some kind of Elyseum and millions of desperadoes are pushing to enter. The Deraah province is well watered thanks to the Yarmuh river and its current population is Muslim and Druze. Historically, Deraah is part of the Golan and all the villages carry old Jewish names. In the time of Jesus, the Galil and these parts were the nucleus of the Jewish country. The Judean aristocrats  (the Jerusalemites) looked down these deeply religious rooted farmers, and used to say "What good can come out from there?"    

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