Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Mystery of WWII

Winston Churchill deserved the Nobel Prize of Literature. His history of WWII is written in the clearest, richest and most readable English. I enjoy reading him.

He says that the First War was basically between Germany and France, a follow up of unfinished former Franco-German wars, and that WWI was won by France, that remained with parts of German territory. The Second War was a revanchist effort by Germany, to free itself from the Versailles servitude and tributes, and to take back its lands. The first war had killed off most of France's young manhood, and by the nineteen twenties France was a demographically declining country, and deadly afraid of the German killing machine.

Hitler re-occupied without military opposition the Ruhr and then the Sudeten and having proved that there was no force opposing German expansion, he attacked France ignoring Holland and Belgium's suzerainty and entered Paris.  After this easy successes, he could not be stopped.

How is that the final losers of this territorial dispute in Western Europe were the religious masses of Poland's Jews? Churchill is busy saving England, has sympathy but little time for the Jews. He must have been more interested in keeping the flow of vital Arab oil than annoying them by increasing the Jewish population of Palestine.  

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