Saturday, January 20, 2018

Day Zero in Cape Town

Cape Town's five million inhabitants are suffering water supply restrictions because the five dams feeding the city are drying up. The reason is the El Nino climatic oscillation which has been occurring for thousands of years (see graph above), causing flooding in Peru's coastal deserts. The Incas made mass human sacrifices, that did not solve the problem but provided entertainment and felt good, and eventually the climate returned to regular. Since the water is still flowing from the taps, the situation is not catastrophic and the time has yet to come for real - human - sacrifices.  Alternatively, they can hire Israeli water magicians (moi!). I can promise contractually that I shall make rain in Cape Town - eventually. 

P.S.:  Yet if the choice is between suffering or Israelis, they will do without water and Israelis. The South African government, which is strongly aligned with the Palestinian cause, has snubbed informal offers of help made by the Israeli ambassador. Israel has substantial expertise in desalination technology, but last year the mere presence of a former Israeli ambassador on a panel to discuss water management aroused such protest that the event was cancelled.

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