Thursday, January 25, 2018

Incredible Campaign to Return Former Illegal African Infiltrators

These cold and rainy winter days are witness to an incredible public campaign in Tel Aviv fighting the Government's decision to expel illegal African infiltrators that infest South Tel Aviv neighborhoods and turned them into a typical African slum. Moreover, there are demanding to return those who in the past had accepted the offer of three thousand dollars cash and a one way ticket back home to Eritrea.  The intellectual fishwrap HaAretz even sent a reporter to Africa to photograph them back home, and two double pages are dedicated to show their present state as living in huts with dozens of sweet black children, reminiscing the good times they spent in Israeli jails.

Why are hundreds of University professors and hospital doctors signing these petitions? In my view, they are trying to show the world how moral and good they are, that they are humanitarians and not the baby-bombing Israeli colonialist the world tries to paint them. It is like cold capitalist Rockefeller (the founder of Standard Oil) giving out small coins to beggars, to publish his generosity. May be the good professors and doctors are afraid, simply afraid, of the day they themselves become stateless, and want to make merits to save their lives. Here or maybe in Heaven, where an accountant  god they don't believe in may be writing down their actions.

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