Thursday, January 25, 2018

Making A Will

Roman soldiers had to make a will and leave their affairs well ordered before parting to battle. Reaching certain age, every morning is like parting for battle and never knowing if one shall return with all the bits and sane.

I too wrote a will and left everything clearly ordered, so I thought, but in the process of talking it over with wife, daughters, banker, lawyer, etc. things became evermore complicated. Couples married over thirty years like us use to make a mutual will, the survivor takes all. My wife disagrees, what if I should remarry? What if I shall have more children? What if I go crazy and donate all to the Miskolc yeshive? and so on. The possibilities of something going wrong are infinite. There are many cases where the children get nothing and the Philippine caretaker inherits all. In the long term we all shall end with dementia, which is a good thing because death removes us unaware and shall stop bothering the presents. Now I shall drink a glass of red wine and sleep a siesta, and at waking up it will be all clear in my mind. That will be good.

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