Saturday, January 6, 2018

Wishful Hoping in NASDAQ

Celebrating my seventy something birthday, I made my testament leaving all to my wife of forty years. Financial wisdom says that as one ages, his investments should be less risky, because there is no time left to repair mistakes. That is illogical: with less time left, money loses its worth and at last, one can and should take risks.

So I sold General Electric bonds and bought NVidia shares, cloud computing index, robotics index, all in NASDAQ. A steady rally last year raised these thingies 40 to 100%, and are very expensive and risky, but to buy into high quality technology one has to be ready to pay. Humanity has left behind the agricultural and industrial economies, we live or die on the quality of our technology. Let see to where all these leads.

P.S.: See that high tech Edison paper a hundred years ago. Is that a male or female nude on it? I know it symbolizes the God Mercury, the patron of thieves, but why did they mix porn with high tech?

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