Sunday, January 28, 2018

Nuclear War is not The End

I sense an irrational fear of President Trump, specially in Germany. The fear and horror flows seamlessly from the revulsion Germans felt during Wall Street Crash. This is worrying because Germany again is a big power: Germany exports more than America and its armed forces are more effective. Fake currency replaces real one, and the world is flooded with dollars and the real money goes to the most stable and strongest economy, which many think is the Euro.  Thus, the dollar is sinking. This could get out of hand.

Anyway, nuclear war involving North Korea and the USA could be a geographically limited conflict, but China, Russia and NATO may not be able to keep out. Here, the land of Israel is a Gruyere cheese full of karstic limestone caves so we could find one to hide in. I am not worried, war would not shorten my life by much.

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