Friday, March 16, 2018

American Marxist Subversion of Israel

One could not find a more phony occupation for this old Jew than writing an essay on the American Marxist poet Margaret Randall. My daughter had to write on an American contemporary feminist poet and having profiled her professors, we selected Margaret Randall, an American communist poet who lived eight years in Cuba during Fidel Castro and the Che revolution, and then moved to Nicaragua to take part in the Sandinista chaos. Since I was working in Nicaragua then and am well acquainted with Latin American things of those times, I thought I could help my daughter to understand the background. I was on the site when the Sandinista bandits were invited to enter Managua and take over Nicaragua, as Somoza Jr. did following Jimmy Carter's orders. 

Margaret Randall has authored dozens of Marxist/feminist books and maintained extensive correspondence with Latin American intellectuals. She is the only American poet forbidden by Senator McCarthy to return to the United States. I do not know if she is also a lesbian, she looks like one and partners with a woman painter, although she was married (to a man; in our days, one has to specify) and is mother of four children.

Anyway, the proposal to write the essay on her was successful and now we are engaged in ordering books and looking for bibliography. "We" because I am my daughter's research assistant. It is difficult, because her professors and teachers are of the highest quality, all them Ph.D.s in English Literature from Harvard and Oxford, talented Jewish women who married to Israelis and live here. They have absorbed politically correctness from the very source, and indoctrinate their students in spirit of the most extremist Berkeley feminists. The College also has an American Fullbrighter with a Hispanic name, he corrects "our" essays and I have to admit he is very professional and all his comments/criticisms are right. What is he doing teaching English literature in Israel? (The question does not imply any negative sentiments, I am happy to be corrected by him because he is an excellent editor).

But, objectively, he is a cultural missionary converting us to left wing American culture. (I had thought that feminism conquered Israel by imitation, but no, Americans are actively subverting Israeli culture. Meaning political culture, see how our poor President Katzav was defenestrated and jailed for trying to seduce his whore secretary.)

Some of the Fullbrighters are financed by the CIA, at least those in Argentina in my times, were. No doubt we are being actively influenced and subverted by crazy American left wing culture, but I think we - I mean my daughter and I - are in little danger of catching the lunacy. And it seems worth to run the risk of damaging our mental health in order to learn world class English literature. 


  1. It’s interesting how the “cultural Left” has been promoted be the CIA and the US State Department, it was their way of fighting Soviet Communism.

    How about Jewish marxists J? Are they powerless in Jewland?