Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Semester

I got a lot of teaching hours this semester. Yesterday was a full day and am tired like ... I was about to say like a dog, only that dogs live a most pampered life. The campus is built on two levels and I had to walk up and down in the stairs several times. I am well impressed by the quality of the new class, they look serious and purposeful. I saw only one female in my classes, but the campus is full of religious girls that study psychology and other social work courses. There has been much building in the campus and the infrastructure is better than last year.

My little daughter is the national co-ordinator of some program of the Ministry of Education for exceptional students or whatever. She is in a meeting today. Yesterday was worried about meeting the representatives of Arab and of Haredi and of the settlements colleges. There was a problem how and in what language to write the invitations. I advised Hebrew and Arabic, both languages are official. Will the settlement colleges object? The multicultural age is arrived in Israel with its supersensitivity to pretended "offenses". In the end the only safe subject to write about will be food and pets.

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