Thursday, March 1, 2018

Harvard is (objectively) Zionist

The Lion discovered the fact that Jews are discriminated against in Harvard.  

Plugging all of these numbers into Excel, using the NORMSDIST() function, Jews ought to be 14.4% of Harvard, but they are only 7.7%, therefore we might conclude that Harvard still has Jewish quotas to prevent too many Jews from attending.
Without any specific data on the subject, I do believe it to be truth. Jews were always and are today discriminated everywhere. In Hungary before WWII there was an open quota system, Jews in the universities and the civil service could not number more than their proportion in the general population, which was 5%. In Soviet Russia, Jews were forced to study in faraway Central Asian universities, and only a few were allowed in the first rank Moscow and Leningrad universities.

There is no more effective way to beat into young Jews that they have no future where they live than negating them higher education. When Gorbachev opened the door, thousands of young Jews left for Israel and the West. The million Jews that arrived in Israel changed the face of the country for good. Bottom line: Jewish quota in Harvard is good for Israel. American universities apply obscure "holistic" methods to dissimulate their admission policies, so most are unaware that they are being shortchanged. We hope those young American Jews will awake to reality and understand that only in Israel they are welcome and given a fair chance. We want them here building their country.

P.S.: They will not miss those fat cows (pic.) when they meet the Israeli variety.

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