Saturday, March 3, 2018

Penis Whitening

The Chinese are mocking South East Asians (Indians, mainly). The Hong Kong English paper writes:
In Thai popular memory, as well as in much of Southeast Asia, America and the West in general thus occupy an aspirational plane, not just of financial muscle but also of libidinal power. Little surprise then that hospitals in Thailand are offering penis whitening services. Apart from Thailand, many of the clients for the service are reportedly coming from other parts of Asia. That is how deeply ingrained the binary of power and white phallus has become in the region after centuries of colonial and neo-colonial experience.
My impression is that many Northern Chinese, Koreans (pic) and Japanese are white skinned, and could pass for Ashkenazi Jews. Cantonese are olive colored, and the girls have black nipples and dark outer labia and anus. I know nothing about penises. 

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