Sunday, March 25, 2018

Stock Market Crash

My saving account is 10% below last year and falling. The market is totally frightened by President Trump's aggressive moves: tariffs on Chinese exports to the USA, and the appointment of Bolton, a warmonger as national security adviser. After eight years of Barack Obama sedate passivity, the world is shitting in its pants. No kidding.

Yet America's goal is clear: it will not allow the emergence of a rival. Not another Soviet Union. Is China a potential rival? Yes. China denies it and tries to maintain a very low profile. How will Trump stop it? I do not know.

Two sectors slumped the most: Technology and Finance. They are exposed to foreign trade and uncertainty. Wall Street prefers stability, but the current situation was untenable. I think Trump is doing what has to be done, he is a strong leader, but I too am a bit frightened.

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