Thursday, March 22, 2018

When an Inbred Clan ruled the World

It seems incredible that the weak-minded idiot on the picture, with a ridiculous bird on his head, would be the all-powerful Emperor of Germany. Wilhelm was grandson of Queen Victoria and all European royalty were his double-first cousins. This inbred, degenerate clan led humanity to the terrible World War I and to the killing trenches of Verdun. Wilhelm exhibited a violent hate against the Jews: "Let no German ever forget this, nor rest until these parasites have been destroyed and exterminated from German soil!" Herzl vainly tried to convert him into a Zionist, to assist the Jewish People's Liberation by establishing the Jewish State, but he as other monarchs were hopeless.  Wilhelm advocated a "regular international all-worlds pogrom à la Russe" as "the best cure" and believed that Jews were a "nuisance that humanity must get rid of some way or other. I believe the best thing would be gas!"

Hundred years have passed and the criminal Kaisers and Czars are forgotten and their seed is no more. Here am I from those they planned to gas vomiting on their graves. 

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