Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The EU explains us the financial sacrifices of living in Israel

The EU is financing many subversive projects in Israel, but they are ineffective since they have zero understanding of what Israel is. Take the project “The Burden of the Occupation”, cost 500,000 dollars, aimed at "expanding support for a two-state solution among Israeli Jews via mass distribution of tangible, relevant, timely and reliable information about the real socio-economic costs (including impact on growth, on conditions in the periphery, state allocations to social services and more) of the continued military occupation of the Palestinian territories.”

The Europeans do not understand that we Jews did not came to Israel to enjoy better standard of life and that we are not economic refugees. Why should an American doctor earning 400,000 dollars a year in San Francisco move to Beer Sheba to earn 50,000 dollars and fight Hamas in Gaza if not for idealism? Having made such economic and personal security sacrifice, he knows all about conditions in periphery (where he lives). What can the EU explain us that we do not know?

The whole idea of financing political activities in Israel is immoral. How would the Spanish government feel about a foreign country campaigning to convince the Spanish people to accept and vote for an independent Catalunya?  

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