Friday, March 23, 2018

Dreaming of Three Bodies Problem

Friday is the noisiest day in my neighborhood. People is out on the streets till the evening, when it all quiets down. Sabbath morning is silent and only some religious people walks covered with white talit (ritual shrouds) to the early morning praying in the synagogue.

I feel lonely and longing for human touch.

P.S.: Reading The Three Body Problem trilogy. At first, it strikes how the Chinese author always presents the characters with a precise definition of their academic ranks and their positions in the hierarchy. Most Chinese. Second, in the whole thousand pages work there is no mention of sex or even a realistic romantic relationship; the characters act on the basis of cold career-advancement or other material motivations. Third, the characters have no families nor children. They live in a contemporary Chinese communist society, where the United Nations is world government. Naturally, the lingua franca is Chinese, and the Chinese are dominant. Four, the figure representing the evil Trisolans, Sophon, is a Japanese woman dressed as a ninja, beautiful and cruel.

Furthermore, another feature of the Marxist foundations of the Three Body Problem universe, is the absence of evolution: a man is a man in the past and in the far future. They can be substituted since they are all identical. No genetics, no evolution. Only technological civilization advances from era to era. The bottom line is that the universe is mechanical, although tremendously complex and interesting. God? No. It is physics, that's all.

Science fiction is not about the future, it is criticism of the author's society. The technical fireworks just camouflage the oppressive nature of the Chinese society of our generation.   

 P.P.S.: In our world, Wall Street loves President Trump but now, as it is becoming obvious that Trump is not a standard fake politician but he does what he says, Wall Street is frightened by this unknown phenomenon. Bloomberg's front page:

A Horror Week for the Dow Has Investors Begging for Trump Respite

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